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Maria Lofton posted on 8/29/19
So sorry for your loss. Rip dear Alina. Wyrazy zalu i wspolczucia od rodziny Lofton ,Lowe i Dymowicz.

Maria Lofton posted on 8/29/19
So sorry to hear about your sudden loss.Rip dear Alina.Kondolencje dla calej rodziny.Wieczny odpoczynek racz daj Jej Panie . Maria and Ron Lofton

Kasia posted on 8/28/19
My Mamus!!! Always there for you!!! And me and everyone else!!She shares her hart with every one she bumped to it!!!you always count on my mama when you need her!!!i would be lost with out her!!my children are amazing because of my mamas tender care and devotion advice and love! Best Teacher!Teaching values and traditions! She never had a an excuse!!! For anything!!! Always there for me and my girls!and my family!“”””friends and her children from Polish school!! And other teachers!! Mothers !! And all the people she knew and work for !! And her stories will continue!!Because there is not another Alina ,Mother, Grand mother, Aunt , Wife,Sister,Cousin,Friend,stranger,just great hug!,and always there for you!! my Mamus!! Kocham Ciebe nad zycie!!!

Anna posted on 8/28/19
Wieczny odpoczynek racz jej dać, Panie, a światłość wiekuista niechaj jej świeci. Niech odpoczywa w pokoju wiecznym . Amen.

Urszula Niebieski posted on 8/28/19
Szczere wyrazy zalu I wspolczucia po stracie zony, mamy I babci skladaja Urszula I Krzysztof Niemirski