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Teresa White posted on 9/20/19
Wish I could be there to honor you Grandma. Miss you much already and you'll forever be in my heart. I'm happy you're finally at peace. Love always, Teresa

Jack Gronke posted on 9/20/19
[ Memory Recollections ] Many personal qualities and characteristics of my mother, Ruth Gronke, quickly came to mind when I sat down to list my memories: (1) Mom was exceptionally loving, generous and nurturing throughout her lifetime. She was supportive in many aspects of my life (e.g., encouraging me to go to college, providing me a place to stay each summer when I came home on Re-Employing Leave from my 37 years of overseas employment in the Azores and Italy, and supportive whenever I needed financial and/or material assistance). (2) Mom aptly demonstrated many valuable “lessons in life” that has profoundly affected me. Her prodigious “work ethic” and her practicing the virtue of “thrift” had a major effect on me early in life. To raise money to pay for the farm in Wisconsin, Mom raised hundreds of rabbits, ducks, geese & chickens and sold the eggs and butchered produce for cash. Another venture into capitalism was a summer project of selling sweet corn door-to-door in Delavan. (3) Mom wasn’t “all work and no play” as she made sure we (i.e., the 3 sons) had swimming lessons, took music lessons, went fishing in the summers, attended the annual County Fairs and participated in extracurricular activities in school. (4) Mom was exceptionally industrious and talented. She was basically self-taught in knitting, crocheting, sewing, needle-point, quilting and other craft-related activities. The fruit of her labor was not for profit and/or self-satisfaction, but was freely given away to family & friends. The memory of Ruth Gronke lives on through the many handicraft items (e.g., quilts, sweaters, embroidered items, stuffed toy animals, and a myriad of other handmade craft items) given to hundreds of people during her lifetime. (5) Finally, my memories and recollections of Mom will always be that of a loving & carrying mother who was always generous, supportive and constantly there to help me. She made time in her busy life to visit me in the Azores (Portugal) during my Spring Vacation in 1992, and to visit me in Naples, Italy during the Spring Vacation of 1995. Additionally, Ruth Gronke was an outstanding “Grandma” for my sons Nathan and Ben and an excellent “Great Grandma” to her great grandchildren. David Gronke 18 September 2019

Eva Gronke posted on 9/20/19
Gone but not forgotten, Mom will forever be in our hearts. I regret that I cannot honor her at her funeral in person but I will be there in spirit. She inspired me to learn how to quilt and learn how to sew. She is leaving a big void that cannot be filled. I will remember her as a great person and a wonderful mother-in-law.