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Ron Johnson/Ellie Morgan posted on 8/13/20
We extend our sympathy to Sandi and the family. Dave was a very special friend that we enjoyed over many years. Had many fun business trips together and personal get togethers with lots of great experiences and many laughs. We treasure the memories!! We will miss Dave greatly!!

Ron and Judy Pieper posted on 8/4/20
Extending our sincere sympathy to Sandi and the family. Remembering Dave and our special friendship over these many years, starting with NAII. The fun, the trips together and all the laughs we had. We treasure the memories!! We will miss Dave, his humor, caring and friendship.

Joan Kearnaghan posted on 8/3/20
We are so sorry that Dave has passed, but we know he will be in a better place. We have so many wonderful memories of our time with Dave and Sandi. We had lots of good times playing golf, but the best memories we have involve attending University of Illinois football games. Sandi and I both had great memories of our times in college, and the games provided us with a chance to spend a day together, enjoying the U of I band...especially the pre-game drum concert. We enjoyed our visits to Sandi and Dave's homes. The lake home is very beautiful, so we are glad that we were able to see it, even after we moved to Florida. I will always feel bad that Dave got sick when they stayed in our condo in Ft. Myers. We had so looked forward to more golfing with the two of them.

Jonathan Williams posted on 8/2/20
I have been fortunate to have had a long and enjoyable friendship with Dave, starting with my time serving on the NISS Board. I had many opportunities to ask Dave for advise and feedback as I dealt with issues that arose in my management activities. I considered Dave to be a mentor to me in many ways during the course of our friendship, first as business associates and later as friends in retirement. I will miss Dave greatly!

Avon and Devin posted on 7/29/20
Beside being a great golfing buddy, Dave was also a great singing buddy. Our quartet, Retropolitan (I never did figure out what that name meant) was so much fun. And I apologize once again for not getting the "Time" right! Please take your time, Sandi, in recovering from all that has transpired recently. Avon and I are always but a phone call away. We will miss you, buddy, Avon and Dev